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  • "Susan and I really appreciate your candor & perseverance over the last 8 months. Be assured that when anyone needs a realtor in the FWB area, I’m dropping your name every time! Selling this house has put us so much closer to retirement in Hawaii, 2 years left in Germany. As we say on the Island, Mahalo bruddah! Take care!"

    Joe & Susan
  • "Joe did a tremendous job helping me find the home perfect for my daughter and me. He was very organized and one step ahead of literally all my questions! He was also straightforward and honest. Joe was available 7 days a week and was reachable by phone 100% of the time. He was very helpful in providing properties of interest and helped me sort through properties that I came up with as well. Coastal Realty Services overall was very customer friendly. As long as I'm still in the area, I will continue to use their services."

  • "While in the US Air Force and stationed in the Fort Walton Beach area I bought a property back in 1997. After 5 years there, I was given orders and decided to keep our property while we were gone; I contacted Coastal Realty Services to manage my property, and it's been 15 years since then. I couldn't be happier. My property has been rented ever since and has never been empty for more than 2 months. I get my rent on time every month and anything that needs repairing is taken care of promptly. I receive reports and pictures regularly, so I can see the state of my property and all the reports towards the end of the year for tax purposes. Wonderful people!"

    Jim Lanz
  • "I have been working with Coastal Realty as a property owner since 2007. In that time, I have experienced nothing but excellent and prompt service. In the almost 7 years they've managed the property, I have never gone a full month without a tenant. They always return my calls and answer my emails. They keep meticulous records and I can always count on them to keep my property in good condition. The contractors they hire offer competitive pricing and warranty their work. The management fees they charge are very fair--I priced others--it wasn't even close. I feel Coastal Realty strikes an excellent balance between protecting owners' interests and providing value to tenants. I am surprised to see any negative reviews, and in many cases, I think the business suffers the blame caused by unresponsive owners! Just my personal opinion... I have used two other property management companies in the past...and there is no comparison. I would never consider using anyone else."

    Jonathan Blount
  • "I was referred to Coastal Realty by friends and coworkers I was stationed with at Eglin AFB. Joe Capelotti had sold quite a few of them and I heard nothing but positive things. So when I went to him to purchase my home I had some high standards and he did not disappoint. He took me all around the area to show me numerous properties that matched what I was looking for and it actually made it hard to choose. Once I did, he helped as much as he could to ensure the rest of the process went smoothly and that I was completely satisfied with my new home. I'm really pleased with how well and personally everything was handled and if I buy another home in the area I won't hesitate to call Joe."

    Antonio Martinez
  • "Coastal has managed my home since December. During this slow time, Tyler Capelotti and his team worked with me to get my home "renter ready" and got a renter in very quickly at the rent I was requesting. I was very impressed with their professionalism and high standards they keep the home. They keep me up-to-date with emails on the status of my home and if anything comes up. I highly recommend Coastal Realty. They are very professional and keep you in the loop."

    Frank Spitznagel
  • "I'm in prior service and when I was stationed at Eglin I bought a house in FWB. Like others I eventually got orders and moved on. Since I don't live in FL anymore, I couldn't manage my own property anymore. I switched to Coastal Realty Services and Joe explained things very simply and helped me set up everything, even while I was in Afghanistan. Couldn't have asked for better help. Once you have someone else call contractors and coordinate repairs for you, you'll realize just how worth it these folks are."

    Don Tavano
  • "I bought a townhome in Fort Walton Beach shortly before I had to move away. I called Coastal Realty to manage my property. I have had no complaints with the 2+ years I've been with them. I've worked mainly with Mr. Tyler Capelotti, though I've corresponded with other members of the team as well. They are all great: professional, courteous, and continue to help me stay comfortable from afar. I recommend working with Coastal Realty to manage your rentals"

    Brian Adams
  • "I bought my first house in the Ft. Walton Beach area and had to move for work. I could not sell the property so I called Coastal Realty to manage my property while it was on the rental market. They did a great job managing my property for 4 years and when I decided to sell the house, I was introduced to their agent Tyler Capelotti. Tyler went above and beyond the call of duty. He answered all my questions in a timely manner and worked his tail off to sell my house. Even though I was over 1,000 miles away, Tyler made me feel as if I were there showing the house with him. I would recommend Coastal Realty and especially Tyler for any of your real estate needs in the Panhandle of Florida. Thanks again Tyler!!!"

    Chad McLaughlin
  • "As a current tenant of Coastal Realty Services, I am highly pleased with their company. They are quick about getting vendors out for repairs, and I am very happy with the apartment I rented through them. I will definitely be recommending them to all my friends and family."

    Hunter Hamrick
  • "The staff at Coastal Realty Services, especially Mr. Joe Capelotti, is hands-down, the friendliest and most helpful I have ever encountered. Renting from them was a pleasure and hassle free. If I had any problems with the house, the response time from the staff was fast enough to make me feel like they were working just for me. I would definitely rent from them again!"

    Alex M.