Renters’ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What documentation do I need to bring with me to complete my rental paperwork?

A. Bring the following items with you:

  • Valid current photo ID (driver’s license, military ID, or state ID)
  • Proof of income (pay stub; see note below if self-employed or non-employed)

Note – Your gross income should be 2.5 times your monthly rent. Self-employed applicants must have been self-employed in the local area a minimum of 6 months. The most recent three months of bank statements will serve as proof of income. Other acceptable documentation would be the previous year’s tax return or 1099s. Non-employed individuals must provide verifiable proof of income. Income can be verified by paystubs, bank statements, LES, tax returns, letter from a CPA, or court decree on child support or alimony (attach proof of income to the application.

Q2.  How much is the rental application fee?

A. The application fee is $45 per adult tenant

Q3. How much is the pet deposit?

A. The pet deposit for rental properties that allow pets is currently $200 for the first pet, and $100 for an additional pet,  and it is nonrefundable. Rental properties where pets are allowed have a 25 lb. weight limit, and pets must be photographed at our office at the time of application.

Q4. Are there any restrictions against certain breeds of dog?

A. Yes, the following breeds ARE NOT PERMITTED: German Shepard, Doberman, Pit Bull, Chow, Rottweiler, or any mix thereof.

Home Buyers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Q5. What steps should I take before I go shopping for a home?

A. Contact our office via phone or email and ask to speak to one of our Real Estate Agents. They will walk you through the process. (Email: sales@coastalrealtyservices.com or Phone: 850-244-2100)

Q6. How can I help my realtor to find the best home for me? What are the most important things to tell him or her?

A. Once you have talked to one of our Realtors, the biggest thing you can do to help the process is to give immediate feedback to their calls and questions. Expect to be asked how you will be paying for the home (cash or mortgage), and expect that you will need to provide pre-qualification with a lender very quickly.
If you are paying cash, verification will be required at the time you make an offer. Once that has been completed, you are ready to shop!

Q7. What is the process for buying a new home? What can I expect from the time I make an offer on a home?

A. Once you are working with your Agent, you will be discovering what you can afford to buy. The Agent will match that information with your needs and wants. When you find the property and get an accepted offer, it is approximately four to five weeks until there is a closing and you own the property.

Home Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Q8. What are my responsibilities once I have signed a contract with a realtor to help me sell my home?

A. The easier the home is to show and the better it looks (inside and out), the faster the home will sell. The first two to three weeks the home is on the market are the most critical. Your Realtor will assist you by guiding you through what is needed for your home to show at its best.

Q9. What is the process once my home is officially on the market? What can I expect?

A. Our Realtor will “activate” your home online, put a sign out in the front yard, and begin marketing and advertising it. If the home is priced right and looks great (in the pictures) you can expect appointments to see the home. The more times a home is shown to prospective buyers, the more chances you will have of getting an offer. If the home is over-priced or looks poorly at the beginning of the listing, the more time will pass, missing those critical first few weeks. When appointments to show the house have been made, put your home’s best face on! Clean up as much as possible. Keep the house cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter. If you have pets, be especially aware of their hygiene. The house needs to look AND smell its best.